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The best way to protest unfairness against your life or community is to take full charge of your own life or community, not by placards and shouting but by directing your anger to build yourself into an equal and hence protect the safety of your future. 

Your secured future could only be assure by your hand, because when you are at others mercy you can only be as happy as they allow you to be.

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CanToo is a One-Stop Information and resource Hub for the Black Community

For business community and personal


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CanToo offers a platform to celebrate black love and members can use this feature to connect online and chat to selected members.


This section offers a database of black owned businesses locally, nationally and internationally. If members select GPS location on their settings, then the nearest businesses will show on list.


Black owned properties or rooms to rent can be found in this section.


Afro Talks is for vloggers who offer knowledge about facts, opinion, issues and solutions to rebuild black communities. CanToo allows producers to link their YouTube/ video channels to their CanToo profile. CanToo encourages focus to be on positive solutions not just the problems.


Need to advertise an event? Need to find an event? Then this is the feature for you. Events range from music, talent, fashion, wellbeing, spiritual, cultural, sports, formal, etc.


CanToo encourage our members to share their ware. Freeshop is the space that people advertise items to give away for free and members can find items to collect for free.

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Most frequent questions and answers

TO SET UP A PROFILE: In the relevant section, just press the red + button to add your set-up details and “Save”. 

CanToo offer premium services on the app which allow entrepreneurs to benefit from exclusive advertising. For more info, email: [email protected]

Any information to be added to the Health or Media section needs to be emailed to: [email protected] so CanToo team will review and upload it if relevant. Senders will be updated about any action taken.

Members can contact us by email ([email protected]) or phone/Whattsapp message us on 07907486059.

Various sections (Businesses and organisations; Relationships forum; Freeshop; Forums/groups;Afrotalks; Freelance) include a flag icon at top right of profile page, which can be used to report any issues about the selected profile.

CanToo Terms and Conditions which includes Acceptable Use Standards and Privacy Policy can be found in the app navigation bar under “Terms and Conditions” or on CanToo website ( under Blog section.

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